Determine The Success Of Hair Removal Using Laser Treatment

Laser treatment seems like the dream solution for all those who which to have flawless skin. The treatment promoted saying it can either permanently stop your hair from growing significantly retard it. This has some truth in it, but unfortunately this treatment does not work the same way for all.

Skin colour
This treatment is only effective for those with fairer skin. In its earliest forms it could not be used on people with dark skins. Now technology has developed to handle people with a reasonable amount of pigment in their skins. The reason for this is the principle laser hair removal is based on. When a pulsed laser is shone on the skin the pigments in the dark hairs absorb this light and heat up causing the follicle to burn. The surrounding skin cells which are lighter in contrast (due to little pigmentation) do not heat up as much thus does not burn. This is why when dark people undergo this treatment their skins show a similar result to sunburn. Special laser guns have been developed to treat darker skins.

Hair colour
The impact of hair colour is the same as mentioned above. This treatment is not very successful for people with red, blonde or grey hair. Since these hairs show less pigmentation they do not heat up sufficiently to burn the follicle cells.

Personal factors
For some people this treatment works just fine and by the end of their sessions the hairs will fall off permanently. For others the hairs will not grow back for a long time, but when they do it will be much thinner than before. There are still others for which this treatment has little effect. The reasons for this could be numerous, but usually they have to do with the thickness of the hairs and characteristics of the individual’s skin.  This treatment is most effective for those with finer hairs.

Laser gun types
All laser guns cannot be used with every individual. An untrained person can leave your skin burning simply by using the wrong laser gun on you. There are several types of laser guns that can be used in a skin clinic. YAG lasers can be used on all skin types. However, these are known to have more post-treatment side effects than the others. The Ruby laser is the oldest laser in use. It can only be used for people with fine hairs and light complexion. If used on those with darker skins it can cause severe burns. The Diode laser is effective for treating large areas of darker skin. For more info about skin rejuvenation clinic Sydney, visit

Ultimately the success of the whole process boils down to the ability of the person in charge of it. A reputed physician will be able to guide you through the whole process and give you a realistic picture of what could be expected. He can also make recommendations for you whenever necessary.