Improving Service Delivery In The Car Hire Sector

Technology has been at the forefront in helping improve service delivery in many industries across the world. The world of airport transfers is not being left behind with the internet, especially facilitating better service delivery in this sector. The following are some of the ways companies are embracing technology to provide their customers with the best services.

Online booking
Whether a traveler is looking for Melbourne airport transfer limo, the opportunity the internet provides when it comes to online booking is very helpful. An internet search is normally the first step when searching for anything, and will normally provide many hits of numerous companies offering the same services. Company websites have references of previous customers, testimonials and the likes. There are also companies that link car hires to other possible services customers might like such s hotel booking or flight booking in one package. Such a big offer makes it easy to enjoy discounts, most of which are only possible if booking is done online. Web sites have photos of vehicle exterior and interior, and this saves customers the hassle of physically having to make sure everything is okay. All this happens in the comfort of home before they set out for their journey.

Flight tracking
Normally when hiring a car for airport transport purposes, companies today require that the customer fill in the details of their flight. Of course it is voluntary, but if the traveler is confident enough to give them this information, they track the progress of the flight from departure to arrival. This means that both the company and the driver will know exactly when to expect their guest at the airport. In case there are any delays, then the driver will know not to arrive early and the extra time will not be billed to the customer. This goes both ways in case the flight arrives before schedule, then the customer will not be kept waiting as everyone will be in the loop.

Mobile applications
The tracking goes both ways, with the customer able to track the progress of their car or limo service while on the flight. Many car hire companies have free downloadable mobile apps where customers can view the progress of the car they hired as it comes to the airport. These applications give timely updates on the location of the car on the road or the driver at the airport terminal. The traveler then does not have to worry about being late for their meeting or waiting for long to be picked up and having to follow up.

Social media
Having social media accounts and pages is a marketing strategy that most companies have embraced to varying degrees of success. The visibility it provides helps drive customers and sales while also giving people the chance to comment on their services. A quick look at a company social media page and how it is run will help gauge the professionalism of its staff. Social media also helps alert people when there are offers available. The comments people leave on the site show potential customers how satisfied others are with previous jobs.